St. Francis Wood Classic II

San Francisco, CA

This project brings a classic 1920’s home back to life. Our clients — a couple and their two active boys — needed a home that would match the activity level of this family of four. We worked with them to transform a dark Edwardian interior with somewhat awkward proportions into a reflection of their family’s youthful, vibrant lifestyle. Our approach was to craft bright spaces with practical beauty, creating flexible rooms that function as both adult and family spaces, complementing the simple sophistication of streamlined furnishings and cabinetry details with a subtle use of color. In the new kitchen, black cabinets and a jewel-toned backsplash are simultaneously bold and family-friendly. In a bit of ingenuity, we carved a useful new pantry from a small two-by-five-foot space. We have worked with our clients through several phases of renovation, acting as a touchstone for them as they transformed their house into a home that fits them to a tee.

Contractor: Cannon Construction | Photography: Christopher Stark Photography